regulatory principles for e-assessment … part 2

The aim of this is to go through the principles document and try to see where responsibilities might lie for the following scenario;

“Using Moodle for the only submission of student assignments. This will involve the use of the gradebook for feedback (the grade, and annotated comments)”

The following is based on a conversation with Vic Jenkins.

Principle: Who is responsible: Notes

1.1:  Dept: academic issue

1.2: Dept & LTEO: abide by code of practice, and LTEO need to ensure reference of e-assessment with appropriate CoP


2.2:BUCS & e-learning: BUCS for system issues (servers, databases etc.,), e-learning for application


2.4:BUCS & e-learning: BUCS for authentication to the system and group management tools, e-learning for advice appropriate group management within Moodle

2.5:BUCS & e-learning: BUCS for system perspective (logs), and e-learning for application (logs)


2.7:BUCS & e-learning: BUCS for system wide issues and e-learning for the application


2.9:Dept & e-learning: e-learning advise and support

2.10:n/a in this scenario


2.12:Dept & e-learning: Scenario assumes they will enter the grades and feedback. e-learning to advise on how to use / populate the gradebook

3.1:BUCS & e-learning:


3.3:BUCS & e-learning:

3.4:Dept: Assume student enrollment on the course (e-learning if using unit codes)


4.1:BUCS & e-Learning:


4.3:e-learning: reporting through the gradebook

5.1:BUCS, e-learning & Depts: test at all levels- e-learning to coordinate with BUCS

5.2:BUCS, e-learning & Depts: test at all levels – e-learning to coordinate with BUCS

5.3:BUCS: As covered in usual IT requirements to connect to the web, and software for authoring tools

5.4:BUCS & elearning:


5.6:BUCS & e-learning: SLA agreement(?)

6.1:Dept & e-learning: e-learning for accessibility to the Moodle application


7.1:Dept & e-learning: e-learning on generic advise which Depts customise


7.3:Dept & e-learning: e-learning for generic application, Dept for design of activity and scaffold

8.1:BUCS, e-learning & Dept: at all levels

8.2:BUCS & e-learning:

8.3:BUCS & e-learning

8.4:BUCS & e-learning

8.5:BUCS & e-learning

8.6:BUCS & e-learning

9.1: n/a for this scenario

9.2: n/a for this scenario

9.3: n/a for this scenario

9.4: n/a for this scenario

9.5: n/a for this scenario

10.1:n/a for this scenrio

10.2:n/a for this scenrio

10.3:n/a for this scenrio




12.1:n/a for this scenario

12.2:n/a for this scenario

12.3:n/a for this scenario

13.1:n/a for this scenario

13.2:n/a for this scenario

13.3:n/a for this scenario



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