Scanner for QR Code Submissions

Just demo’d the metric scanner we are going to use in the QR Code submissions. The feedback was very positive, and they are going to buy one 🙂

Points to note for James

  • user requirements – display details, name, unit id etc., but don’t want any extra steps … so scan and auto submit.
  • i said it should update SAMIS straight away, so they can check using business objects, and student will get email’ed.  Is that the case?
  • i said, to use it would include logging into a web page (authentication via university username and password), and scan. I’ll provide some supporting documentation.
  • ACE (and Mech Eng) have a submission near end of April – previous problems with iPhone, so can they use this? They are happy to login into Moodle as stop gap to access the form, … note: I’d like it hosted at, using LDAP and grouper software (I assume)

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