moodle on the iPhone … the holy grail ….

Well as you’d expect the Moodle iPhone integration is hotting up, just released is mTouch (MoodleTouch) –

Where does this leave us interms of the ongoing projects around Moodle and the iPhone? The answer is … the market will drive this forward, it is not it our interest to pick and stick to one, we (e-learning team) can not keep up in terms of recommendations. So,

  • lets feed this app into the upcoming student focus groups
  • lets get it installed on the iPhone, and see how it performs in terms of the negative comments from students about the other iPhone tool
  • lets get an FAQ around Moodle on Mobile Devices, and list a few apps, with a few thoughts / stories. Also, info on connecting
  • lets leave it up to the students to make informed decisions
  • lets start to pay more attention to the Moodle Google Analytics around mobile devices

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