SMS Learning Activity

I’m in the process of designing a SMS based learning activity. This has been inspired by the work up at the University of Aberdeen.

The learning aims are;

  1. raise the profile of the different synchronous communication tools available at the University of bath for staff and students
  2. provide an alternative to the current delivery model (web based, how to guide) –
  3. give staff an authentic experience of a SMS learning activity
  4. produce a how to guide on designing a SMS learning activity

The learners are staff and the experience is likely to be a one off … once completed they are unlikely to complete the task again (they’ll have all the SMS replies in their inbox). The exit strategy points will be to existing online material and support routes (

The currently the learning/support takes place through looking at a how to guide (assuming you can find it), and/or contacting the e-learning team. This approach will allow an alternative as it is an interactive activity where the learner has a number of choices to make, and the learning path is dependent on the answers to the previous question(s)

The full set of questions, answers and pathways are available from:

I have a under of concerns about the effectiveness of the learning activity which I hope to unpick over a number of focus groups at the University. Also … thanks to Geraldine Jones at the University for raising a number of potential issues … In particular,

  1. Was it engaging?
  2. Do people complete the activity? How about the costs to participate, is this a barrier?
  3. Do you need to see the bigger picture? is 144 characters simply to small for an effective learning?
  4. how might you improve the activity?

In terms of how it will be delivered, I’ll produce a poster / leaflet / web page with the following text;


Do you need to use real time communications into your learning and teaching? are you unsure of the available tools to support this at the University of Bath?

The following SMS activity will help you discover more … simply text sct to 07786209249 or scan the QR Code below


Please Note: This will cost you upto 10 SMS messages to complete the activity

Alternatively, contact the e-learning Team at Bath ( or visit

QR CODE GOES HERE – url link to how to guide



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