Thoughts … SMS Event (ltat6) at Bath

Well, the event is over and the coffee cups have been disposed off 🙂

The question is, did I get what I wanted from it? Did it answer the question I raised at the beginning? has it challenged my thoughts about how I might use it is a face to face teaching on a one campus based institution?

I think the answer is no … there were some very interesting conversations about using SMS in HE/FE. Some excellent examples of use within administration, student support, marketing etc., however, the outcomes of designing SMS workshops tended to struggle in terms of coming up with authentic uses in a teaching setting outside of SMS being the glue to other resources / activities.

The examples of gathering student views in class (subjective / free text) was very interesting. However, these questions are very much 1-2-1, not 1-2-many, and involve a cost to the user. So the question is, for general use, what is the unique selling point above the use of clickers, surveys, and quizzes on their devices in a wireless space? Based on the conversations I’m not sure I can find one. I’d imagine students and staff would vote with their feet …

So, where does this leave us and SMS? The feedback from the design sessions (when they used our SMS decision tree), was issues around device ownership (so don’t get them linking to the web), cost (so don’t get them linking to the web), and a sense of the bigger picture. This does open up an interesting use of text only decision simulations (aka Marston – Aberdeen). Then deconstruct these in a face to face teaching session. Supporting material can be provided via the VLE. The simulation will run for a number of days. I’ll approach the Dept of Economics, who have a HEA curriculum re-design project.

Also … Vic … what do you think? was there any message from the second design workshop which would challenge the above?


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