Communication Plan Exercise: LTEO Web Team (part 1)

We’ve the LTEO Web Team Meeting on Thursday, and I’llbe running a LTEO web team … write our LTEO communication plan exercise.

The aim of this exercise is to get members of the web team to start thinking about the what we (the LTEO)  are trying to communicate, to whom we are communicating this and what role the LTEO web site would have in this communication plan.

I’m not expecting us to come up with the solution (or complete communication plan), however, I expect us to be more aware of what is a communication plan, to have read another communication plan, and started to build our own.

The key sources for this are;

Activity for meeting

1. Background context – read handout (plagiarised and adapted from the how to develop a communications plan)

2. Background context – read Civil Service North East Communication Plan

3. For the LTEO web site, conduct a communication audit;

  • what channels of communication are offered by our web site?
  • what are we communicating through these channels?
  • what is the communication designed to achieve?

4. What are the LTEO aims?

5. Define the audiences for the LTEO


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