setting departmental e-learning targets

A recent question to

I was asked to report back on a university policy/strategy in terms of e-learning (criteria that departments should strive to meet by certain deadlines, etc). Is there such a thing?

Well, the L&T Strategy has a number of strategic targets for e-learning, see
This informs the e-learning operational plan, which does include a number of targets (with dates). However, these are at the very broad level, but will give you an indication of what will be happening when. see

From this 3 year operational plan, hangs a number of annual plans for specific software or services. To date, we’ve published the Moodle Development Plan ( However, for the next calendar year, I also plan to publish plans for staff development (broad). This will give you an idea of what we’ll be running in the future.

In terms of specific use of e-learning tools, or minimum uses of Moodle across a Department. These are discussed at the Departmental level, and they generate a local plan (usually covering a few years). I work with Departments to develop this plan. So, this is where you might set the local targets / aspirations based against the emerging e-learning landscape at Bath


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