CMS and the LTEO Web Site

I (with others) had a chance to look at the University’s CMS with an eye on migrating the LTEO site to the CMS.

It does what is should do, i.e, divorce style from content. So we’d need to spend some time on the design to roll out our templates and server side includes. Once this is in place the migration will be focusing on shifting the content (they have a utility) and cleaning up the pages.

First observations include, it is relatively easy to use, although not very satisfying. The functionality still needs to come on for some of our key areas, ie., event management, embedding other web services (google forms, streamed video etc.,). I’d also like to see enhanced integration with user generated material. However, this will depend on the aims of the site.

I think we need to have a space test site so we can actually publish the pages and see what they look like. At the moment the cms training area did let us see some links or rss infeeds.

A requirement for us is likely to include a few people having access to the code interface so we can use HTML to overcome the short term limitations of the CMS, i.e., to enable us to embed stuff.

Something I didn’t see, is how to build up the navigation and sub navigation layers.

What it will offer is a chance to re-visit how we manage events. At the moment it is very long winded for use to publish, people to find, book on, and then update to Trent. However, the solution should be much more agile, work seemlessly with niche groups, and be more open. For instance, we complete a template for each event (which includes using agreed tags), the engine is embedded into the web site so people can book (so no need for emails !!) and given a running attendance figure (secured against needing to be a member of the university), attendance can be recorded electronically, attendance sheets are exportable and can be uploaded to trent for monitoring.

This is the type of system used by eduserve … so I’ll get onto the case 🙂

A question is … Steph & Vic … what are your thoughts?

Actions by end of july

1. get a test space for the LTEO

2. identify some user cases of migrating web sites to the CMS

3. look into event management software


One comment

  1. Vic Jenkins

    Hmmm, I feel like I now have the nuts and bolts user skills – but not the bigger picture around using a CMS (in general or specific to Bath) or a future-view to inspire me to move forwards with it. Probably because what I wanted to get from the training didn’t fit with their usual user needs…

    Things I’d like to know…

    * How to manage drafts and approvals for publication.

    * How beautiful my website could look and how far I could push it in terms of interactivity, embeds and pulling in information… something to aspire to!

    * How much input the team would be allowed in decisions on the styles that govern our CMS?

    * Does it have the functionality to be able to pull multiple sources of info onto one page? eg could it pull onto an e-learning page about ARS links to everything (with appropriate tags) from eatbath twitterfeed, slideshare, opus, faqs, podcasts, blog rss, staff development events, buddyfeed info on staff that are using or have expressed interest in using the tool.

    * Can it display feeds and media in an attractive, format-able, easy to access format?

    Other thoughts about training in general I’ll put on my blog…

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