plans for our community of practice

Well we’ve been talking about it for a very long time, so I think it’s time we moved 🙂

We’ve put in place and are actively using many of the building blocks for this community. Online – with the blogs, twitter, OPuS, slideshare, and confluence wiki for staff training materials, DIIGO bookmarks. We have also worked hard on the face to face aspect of our community, with day events, Moodle days, e-learning development, external bid support, pgcapp unit 6 etc., We have got into the habit of developing plans, and making these very transparent, as well as making the shift towards a more user centred design (focus) in everything we do.

Most importantly, these are becoming the norm in terms of our practice. So the next stage is to join this altogether through providing an online space where people can interact, connect, ask questions and share. This should also act as an aggegator for all the lovely stuff we are writing and communicating. This needs to be a walled garden, for staff at the University of Bath who are interested in technology enhanced learning. It should be outside Moodle. As a team we’ve talked about this for years. I’ve started to warm to the idea (again) of the Ning Plus solution ($200) per year, and gone of buddypress. A key reason being the Ning site can be up and running in a few days, scales automatically, and we can look at the area of user authentication / user management.

We’ve an e-learning meeting on the 28th June, so we can use this to write some user stories. In preparation for this we’ll also need to look at the themes for the service blogs, standardise to set publication areas (slideshare, OPuS) and re-visit or events management tool (for instance, using the inbuilt on in NIng). Plus agree on tag conventions.

So, it’s time to get the thinking hats on 🙂

This will also involve a shake up of our e-learning team meetings, we will need to open these up (with a more structured programme, sharing good practice and development opportunities) to a wider audience. Therefore, the e-learning team monthly team meetings will alternate between, the team (hubs and spokes), and the e-learning community.


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