The Moodle Annual Life-Cycle

The following is a set of emerging tasks / activities associated with using Moodle at the University of Bath.

Nitin, Vic, James and others … input please

Each Week

  • Meetings: Moodle Tech
  • Communications: Something on Moodle Service Blog
  • Maintenance: Tag update

Each Fortnight

  • Meetings: Moodle Ops

Each Month

  • Meetings: Tech Meeting with BUCS
  • Stats (collect and upload to e-learning in Figures): Moodle Access data, Volume and resolution of RT Tickets, Resolution of Trac jobs
  • Staff Development: Intro to Moodle Workshop
  • Maintenance: Community Merge
  • Communications: e-learning Team Meetings (service update)

Each Semester

  • Meetings: Moodle Advisory Group
  • Staff Develepment: Further Developing Moodle Workshop
  • Staff Development: Case Studies (3) and How To Guides (3)
  • Communication: Presentations at DoS and/or LTC
  • External relationships: visits & SIG

Each academic year

  • Staff development: Moodle Day
  • Staff development: Review of FAQs, How Tos and Case Studies
  • Staff Development: Review of Moodle Staff Development Programme
  • External relationships: Presentation at MoodleMoot
  • Planning: Moodle Development Plan
  • Evaluation: Performance at start of new academic year
  • Evaluation: Moodle Development Plan: Did we meet targets, and are users satisfied?
  • Maintenance: Review of hardware and software (is it fit for purpose)
  • Maintenance: Archive Procedure
  • Maintenance: Preparation and implementation for new academic year

After we’ve agreed on the tasks, we can fit these into the annual plan 🙂


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