Moodle for e-assessment – comments from e-learning team

I presented my emerging thoughts about using Moodle for e-assessment ( at a recent team meeting. I was particularly interested in getting input around my plan to recommend we change our policy from No, to Yes (with caveats). This is because we know people are doing it, likely to do more, and we also know given the lack of available rooms / computers it is not likely to be a growth area.

We worked through  number of scenarios;

1. sitting test and system failed? re-do or use paper

2. someone deleted part of the Moodle gradebook after the exam.

The outcomes / recommendations where user eduacation, i..e, they’d need a contingency plan for the e-assessment (ie on paper), they’d be recommended to back up the course after the exam so they have a copy (archived) of the gradebook. They’d also be made aware of how long we hold retrieveable back ups (3 months, inline with BUCS policy)

It was viewed our support material – a how to guide on settings for high stake objective tests in Moodle needs to be written. This should include reference to contingency planning, responsibilities for the teams (ie., Moodle team on advice at set up, question design, question banks … but no creation, invigilation etc.,) task matrix covering pre, during and post activities. Settings issues around time zones, and IP addresses. Finally, help / contact numbers.

The team will feedback by Friday, so I can write the blog post on the e-assessment review.


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