responsibilities for running a small scale pilot / service

The following would cover eLAT, Mahara, SMS, Desktop Conferencing, QR Codes, and ARS.

  • answer rt tickets, participate in online community and provide 1-2-1 training (and update the staff tracker database)
  • join appropriate jisc mailing list
  • be aware of uk hei national developments in this area
  • write faqs

every two weeks

  • write a blog post


  • update at e-learning team meeting
  • update head of e-learning during 1-2-1
  • review one article on topic, sourced from journal or google scholar – post on blog
  • maintain any project reports, and appropriate details on wiki (e-learning in Figures)
  • creation OER and stand alone learning objects for staff development

each semester

  • work with head of e-learning to integrate service into staff development programme
  • run a maximum (within planned sd programme) one 2 hour workshop, 1 one hour lunchtime event
  • write a how to guide
  • write a case study
  • feed into presentation at Dos / LTC / Faculty


  • re-visit / re-write the service catalogue
  • write (with Head of e-learning) an annual plan, include targets
  • evaluate use of service, impact etc., and make recommendations for next annual plan
  • identify / target national conference to attend
  • identify if going to base a university on technology / theme

Key dates – start of academic year

  • Annual Plan, including evaluation framework – July/August
  • Plan for Semester 1 work packages (Sept to Dec) – July/August
  • Staff Development Plan (Semester 1) – August
  • Plan for Semester 2 work packages (Feb to May) – December
  • Staff Development Plan (Semester 2) – December
  • Evaluation and recommendations – May/June

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