success stories from the e-learning team

The following is an outcome of the success stories from the e-learning Team, both for them as individuals and for the general elearning agenda. The aim of the exercise was to us to share the what we perceive as successes and why. It is designed to build on a previous months activity where we looked at factors which enable, or act as barriers to achieving our work goals.

They will be on my Flickr account – with the tag eatbath-team – url to come.

The successes where ….

  • SMS Conference – for its networking role, the inspiring presentations, and raising the profile of the institution
  • Local technology event
  • installation and testing of Xerte
  • enhancing moodle performance (times 2)
  • recording physical assignment submissions using QR Codes
  • the e-learning podcast
  • the acting up role
  • the creation and implementation of the moodle development plan
  • facilitating the development of a new culture in the e-learning team hub
  • Moodle day (networking)
  • increasing the assignment submission
  • the team – being part of, active role in
  • eportfolios for ITE research project – 3 conference presentations, 1 jisc bid pending. TDA funding, first stage CPD funding and local linsk with schools
  • department e-learning strategy – focus department on e-learning, buy in from large number of staff, a plan for the future
  • PGCAPP – some good e-learning portfolios, improved support via moodle and face to face
  • TFL MA Unit – major update. written distance learning materials, invited quest speakers and students seem very pleased 🙂
  • departmental awareness and use of Papershow, panopto, ARS / responseware, and use of Moodle Choic
  • team – way we dealt with the Moodle performance issues
  • the team
  • DfLTEA

I’m particular please to see a number of references to how we’ve achieved these successes, in particular the reference to the team. A key indicator for me isn’t the product of our endeavours, bu the process and the values we collective use to create the products. Therefore, we design and plan our projects, pilots and services, these are allocated based on available resource, and managed appropriately. However, the successful deliver is based on the values and approach we adopt, in terms of how we work with each other, and how we work and interface with our clients (users).


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