what the e-learning team think

The following are the raw results (I’ll analyse at a later date) of an activity I ran with the wider e-learning team at the last team meeting. The objective was to reflect on the year, and in terms of both e-learning at Bath, and our e-learning staff development programme, suggest what we should do more off, less off, and stop altogther.

The results (n=6) are below;

more off

  • screencast as a staff developmeent tool
  • hosting conferences and events (face 2 face, and online)
  • show case events
  • integration of oir materials, lnlime and face to face, internal and external
  • how to guides … your moodle life cycle
  • staff development where people learn through technology
  • time out in depts / faculties
  • develop a series of learning objects, self directed / access
  • elearning refresher in september – week
  • cultivate and support sigs
  • working with other units, av, web services, ukoln
  • one day events
  • easily assembling faqs into how to guides
  • faqs arounf other elearning tools
  • how to guides
  • moodle workhops
  • departmental events

less off

  • blogs … too many, clear division betwwen internal and external
  • silo’d resources
  • distance learning courses on moodle
  • 1-2-1, and adopt 1-2-2
  • 3 week courses

none off

  • maintaining systems – as opposed to deliering them, ie sloodle on lteo
  • specific specialised workshops
  • carbonated water at meetings
  • coffee breaks … replace with face to face
  • online courses
  • workshops in semester 2

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