consultation for recording assignment submissions

Had a really useful chat with Phil Langton (Bristol) and James, about what we are doing with recording the submission of assignments. He is very interested in seeing if we can offer some consultancy to get a similar system set up for his Faculty at Bristol.

Our ideas are to release the code for under a GPL (open license)

  • Coversheet Generator
  • Scanning Software

In addition, we will provide fully documentation (including reference to appropriate tables in SAMIS), and recommendations for hardware

We will not release the config file (login to SAMIS, Scanning Software, email details etc.,

We will then charge a consultation fee for setting local set ups, with a set of recommendations / plans. If it looks like code will need to be adapted,  ie., being driven from a non-SAMIS database, then we’ll get involved with the local team. The local institution will help implement and maintain.

What do we get from it (apart from a small amout of cash)?

  1. Any enhancements to the code will be rolled back in to the Bath system (if appropriate)

What do we need to do to bring to make things easier from our end?


  1. set up for institutional service
  2. create a single config file – remove any hardcode stuff from code
  3. complete documentation – include details of server configuration, documentation for scanning software, and coversheet generator. Also intro for lay people
  4. release software under GPL

Most of this work is planned for start of September as part of roll out at Bath.


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