OER, IPR … ongoing

This is for me, and Vic & Julian – I’ve tagged a couple of resources in the Diigo Group on OER. I found the two articles really useful. One is a briefing paper by the HEA on turning an existing resource into an OER resource. It is a good overview and generates a checklist (always useful). The second expands on the issue of IPR and OER – this is from JISC legal. Nothing new, apart from breaking it down into smaller chucks.

There is also the the JISC Legal Gateway Site for OER Issues 🙂

It did remind me, I was going to contact the legal people at Bath – the question is, where do they currently stand w.r.t enforcing the IPR for OER resources.

That said – a quick check of http://www.bath.ac.uk/ipls/legal/ippolicy.html, 22.3(c) suggests OERs would sit as part of the course materials … or it might not 🙂

So, what would a rights register for 3rd party material in your OERs include?

  • Unique ID of the item you are using
  • URL of where you located the original
  • Identifier of the original (name)
  • reference to license (if any)
  • description of how and why you want to use it – where it adds value
  • who seems to be the owner (name)
  • who seems to hold the copyright (name & contact details)
  • log of correspondents with owner (data stamp, email correspondence)
  • outcomes

This log will need to be shared between the teams developing the resource. A recommendation is it is within a searchable database – suggest, external and web based, ie., http://www.zoho.com


One comment

  1. Jason Miles-Campbell

    There may also be (limited) instances where the inclusion of the third party copyright material is claimed under a copyright exception (e.g. s.30 CDPA 1988 fair dealing for criticism and review), and this is also worth noting, I’d suggest – it also might flag up the use of an exception which doesn’t apply to a particular end-user, due to limits of scope or geography.

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