why we should switch to eventbrite for managing our (LTEO) events

Our current means of managing events involves significant annual effort. This is involves a long winded way of register for a session (where the individual needs to open their email client from a link on a web page), they are then manually sent a receipt, and added to trent (attendance software). The person facilitating the session needs to check trent (desktop client) to see attendance, and make the decision to run or cancel. Once the session is run an attendance register is written and handed in so Trent can be updated (people added, removed etc.,)

There are a large number of points of failure to stop or delay the process. It also involves a lot of person hours. As further reports are written against cancelled / ran sessions, attendance, type of event etc.,

I’d argue if we use eventbrite.com as our primary event management tool we’d save significant amounts of time.

The process is described as follows.

Note – the actual events details would be embedded within the LTEO website so the look and feel would be very much inline with our current look. It would require a revisiting of the home page (with rss pulls to display the latest events), and we would need to look at the way we categories our courses by team, and type. So, it’s not a simple shift, however, the benefits of time saving, quicker response, consistency, devolution of ownership, and the reduction of points of failure is very appealing. In addition it offers us significant efficiency gains for when we run events involving external people as the issues of badges, directions (Google Maps), attendance registers etc., is covered.

We’ll need to use the LTEO Google Account to manage this, so people’s email addresses don’t appear on the post registration page.

An example events is available from: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/771923845


  • For each event complete a event template (suggest in wiki), which includes all we need
  • Create the event page on the open wiki (if e-learning)
  • Create the event on event brite
  • embed it within the LTEO web site
  • Provide a link bin to the previous events – or use the RSS feed


  • access online the registration form (or use the iPhone App), take register
  • add more people if you need – which means you’ll need to set the sales end time to after the event starts


  • Upload the event and registration details to Trent


An additional benefit is we’d look at the event organisation and given the need for rss we could look at bring all our events under one roof, the LTEO. Alternatively, use the rss from user (which we’d set up as the LTEO), and have elearning, ASD, E&D, PGCAPP as organisers. So you’d get the best of all worlds 🙂


One comment

  1. Vic Jenkins

    Well, I’ve managed to sign up twice – just wondering if it would recognise me from the participant list from the first time I registered. Obviously not. But it might if I had registered as a user with Eventbrite, although I can’t see why I would feel the need to do that…

    I easily added the event to my Google Calendar – already signed in to iGoogle, so just a click to link to the edit event screen in gCal and then click to save – easy! If only I could synch with Oracle…

    I have signed up to RSS of LTEO events on Eventbrite so I’ll keep an eye out for others being added.

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