QR Code scanning service … next steps

Notes from a quick catch up with James. This is to make step it up as a service at Bath, and ensure it ports a little better for Bristol (if they are still interested).

1. move all code to the bath.ac.uk/barcodes (LCPU), fully test – needs to be done sometime in September – a few days work

2. differientate the scanners and the pdf coversheets by faculty. ie., get the faculty people to say what needs to change on the coversheet. Then when before generation we check against SAMIS what is the faculty (not currently in primary key), then use the appropriate PDF library to generate the coversheet. Advantages of this system is no changes required by Martin. – needs to be done by mid october

3. set up the key for the scanner so it notes the faculty, and only lets submissions from that faculty be submitted. Hence, stopping students submitting assignments to the wrong offices – need to be done by mid october

4. check it the pdf is actually working on the current system

5. re-write documentation

timelines may change is Bristol wish to buy in our time


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