OER – lecture capture

The following is a digest from a jiscmail list around what is needed when rolling out an OER lecture capture solution (the idea we have for our OER project).

Dear all

“When I was recording lectures for NAIRTL we used to put a notice on the door of the room, and as we usually had sign-in sheets for the lectures, we added a short statement about recording at the top of the sign-in sheet as well.

I would suggest that the disability support unit in any institution would probably handle discussing recording with the lecturers of disabled students as part of their general disability awareness work. There is usually an individual information process between support units and departments at the beginning of each academic year about any adaptations required for specific students. However this does not cover the case of students who do not wish to disclose their disability (particularly dyslexia and mental health issues) – these are the “hard cases” which can fall through the cracks if there is not a general notification to all about recording.

We had a model release form approved by the university solicitor but as Irish law is not exactly the same I won’t confuse issues by publishing the form here. This had to be signed by all presenters. It is available FOC on the NAIRTL website here for anyone in Ireland who wants to adapt it:


This is a very practical approach. The thing to remember is most lecture capture will be screencasted.  I’d be interested in seeing if the release form for structured / formal / timetable lectures could not be included within the student registration process. I’d suggest including the statement about likely recordings is included on the poster within the room. Also, educate the lecturer to mention the session will be recorded (just screencasted) so no faces.

For one off events (we have many), it would make good practice to re-work the release form, and include that in part of the sign up process.

Within the OER advice to lectures using Panopto would be a heads up on these issues, and a copy of our (e-learnings) capture release form.


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