Well we’ve got the project 🙂

The principle aim being “to transfer and cascade in usable formats the key outcomes of Leicester’s institutional OER pilot project (OTTER) to the partner institutions”.

We (Bath) are expected to contextualise these, and produce a number of resources (deliverables) to ensure the cascading model is fit for us. In particular,

  • Seminars: what can e-leanring do for me
  • Workshops: General: (1) designing effective e-learning activities (2) using technology in classroom teaching
  • Workshops: PGCAPP (see http://www.bath.ac.uk/learningandteaching/professional/probationary/pgcapp/units/six.php)
  • How to Guides: Video (panopto) capturing your lectures: How and why – including OER
  • How to Guides: Publishing your material as an OER
  • FAQs: to support the How to Guides
  • Case Studies: around OERs – Momna & Andrea
  • D4LLL: they’ll be working up a set of plans

I’ll start the project, however it will be quickly passed across to Vic.

Things to do in september – write the plan, get an FAQ engine installed so we can use it as the institutional repository, organise an away day for Geraldine, Vic, Julian and myself to design the seminar / workshop  model and unpick CORRIE. Meet up with Bernie, Gwen etc, get a project blog started, LTEO posting and sort out a community of interest 🙂


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