OER, Images and stuff

A couple of points which I’ll need to note. Firstly, the University of Bath repository for L&T OER Materials. I’ve sketched out a first stab at https://docs.google.com/drawings/edit?id=1dpTqXySi_5y4WOAWR92yH_7D3pS2ci9v9LY4KCpz0kw&hl=en

The key is to provide a space where we can host the metadata record (fully searchable), and cluster OERs by theme etc., The FAQ engine approach will allow us to use the JORUM metadata scheme, and follow the same categorisation at the University’s OPuS system. The actual files can be hosted where ever. However, we’d be strongly encouraging people to use the LMF or (when appropriate) Panopto.

The key concern is to ensure the links are still active (!)

I’ve also been looking at the issue of staff using images in their resources (powerpoints, Xerte tutorials etc.,) and ensuring they have a copyright log. I’ve struggling to find who gives staff this advice at Bath, and who ensures it is done. I’ll again seek advice from the OPuS people to see how they ensure this issue for publications.

I’d imagine, for the Ostrich project, we (e-learning) will need to provide the role. Fortunately, this has come on leaps and bounds since I was a lad. So the practical tips would be to seek images from Flickr and Piscasa where possible which have an appropriate creative common license.

Staff will be encouraged to engage with the JISC Digital Media Service, who have lots of resources. For instance;

So, we’ll need to skill up on the finding and using digital media article.


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