revisit the OER Model: how does it fit?

I’ve updated the model (V3 available from

The broad model is designed for the creation of a sophisticated / large scale learning activity. However, Geraldine asked, what about a simple image, ie., an image from a microscope, which the staff member would wish to make available as an OER, with some technical notes what it is, filter used, stains, magnification etc., and some ideas around how they are likely to use it within a teaching and learning focus? This is clearly an OER (by definition). Very similar to the Biomed work at the ILRT Britsol, with image repositories.

So how might we use the model for this type of activity?

The model will still fit … (see below). I’ve just removed the parts which aren’t relevant. The model still highlights the areas where the academic, and OER manager would need to document before upload. Therefore, the framework would minimise the likelihood of the resource not being uploaded in the first place, and having to be removed in the future.–lzYKeK_GZE0cGm7xt2tMy6EUyZHodRqLTsBK4&hl=en&authkey=CMjY67MC

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