RFID, Library Card and attendance at our workshops

James and I just had a really good meeting with Julian Cheal (UKOLN) about what Julian has been doing with RFID tags.

The revelation is our library cards include RFID. It returns the unique number of the card. BUCS have a table which maps the unique ID of the card to the person. So no data is held on the card.

I’d be very interested in exploring (as a proof of concept) of monitoring attendance at our workshop. The attendee, swipes their university card as they enter the room. The unique ID (with time, date stamp) is sent to a database. A web service maps this to the BUCS table and an online report available. This is processed for Trent.

He lent use some hardware (www.touchatag.com) – which is about £25, and USB. James has it at the moment …. and software from http://www.touchatag.com/getting-started

Other ideas which emerged during the conversation include induction (campus) or building games, or a kiosk point for info, i.e., scan you card and get info on your timetable, moodle announcements, assignment due dates etc., public lectures etc.,

He’d been exploring with info push using Urban airstrip or Prowl. This allows you to push info to an iPhone or Andriod.

A very interesting development is by http://www.icarte.ca/ – where this turns an Iphone into an RFID scanner 🙂 unfortunately, no costing details on the web 😦

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