capturing and disseminating the story: squaring the circle

The following is an idea emerging from Nitin around how we might capture and disseminate the story of the use of classroom technologies. It is a really nice idea which many of us might take on board for our own services and pilots.

The standard capture and dissemination route is via;

1) the individual blog and case study blog – where we capture text based stories of use.

2) OPuS articles which are more research led – informed working and discussion papers

These are use / referred to in presentations, workshops, conversations and forums, ie., Directors of Studies. They are also drawn upon to write the “year in the life” type blog posts.

However, these are very focused towards those who like text 🙂

So Nitin is planning to use the flip cam to capture short video stories / video case studies which shouldn’t last more than a few minutes for each person. They’ll be a few broard questions, what did you do? how did you find it? what impact do you think this intervention has on the student learning experience?

These can be used on the blog, can also be included in Xerte presentations etc., They can also be re-used / purposed for DoS presentations, a vox pop style.

As we appreciate, we do lots of good stuff, staff do lots of good stuff the problem is not in us capturing this, it is in us disseminating to the different audiences, ie., lectures, admin staff, DoS, teaching fellows, HoD, Associate Deans, those who have been at the university for a long or short time. This approach could help square or circle 🙂


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