e-learning staff development report semester 2, 09/10


The following are the descriptive statistics for the e-learning staff development programme (Semester 2, 2009/10). It is evident we have run a large number of events over the period, with 18 events ran, and 13 were canceled. In total, 93 participants attended our centrally provided events.

Table 1: Event by type

Semester 2 (ran/cancelled)

  • Workshop 8/1
  • Seminar 3/5
  • Blended course 0/3
  • Coffee breaks 0/4
  • Elpf 0/0
  • External Event 1/0
  • Moodle Advisory Group 1/0
  • Podcast 5/0

Table 2: Events by broad focus (all sessions cancelled or not)

Semester 2 (moodle / non moodle)

  • Workshop 6/4
  • Seminar 3/5
  • Blended course 0/3
  • Coffee breaks 0/4
  • Elpf 0/0
  • External Event 0/1
  • Moodle Advisory Group 1/0
  • Podcast 0/5

Table 3: Total attendance (average per session which ran)

Semester 2

Analysis & Conclusions

A number of messages can be drawn from this data. Firstly, the blended courses and the online (desktop conferencing) sessions are not popular. Admittedly, this maybe for a number of reasons, whoever, given there publicity drive of events in Semester 2, 2009/10, it is clear we need to re-visit is this the best way to achieve these objectives.

A number of lessons have been learnt for this semester. This includes the shift from the online surgery to the face to face e-learning surgery. It is perceived the technology maybe a barrier for staff, while the technology means these are quite resource (person) intensive for the team. Therefore, a shift to a lighter model would allow use to meet the learning objectives within our current resources.

In terms of the blended course the emphasis will shift during this Semester as these are removed, and we design a number of stand alone, self paced learning activities to accommodate these learning activities. I still feel this is an area to place more emphasis on, it is a very good leanring model (where we shift from one off heads up to development over a period of time). However, we do need to think about the programme design and marketing.

The breakdown by type of session and focus, still indicates an emphasis towards Moodle Workshops. I’d suggest we need to continue to get the balance right, a balance which represents the “Focus on” topics on our webs site. For instance, classroom technologies, eportfolios and OER.

The e-learning podcast appear to have been a success at a number of levels. One of the most important is developing practitioner stories around certain applications. An aim for next semester is to bring these into the workshop programme, to re-enforce their value.

The final observation is the success (in terms of numbers and profile of e-learning) of the one day event, in this case it was on the use of SMS in teaching and learning.


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