Dept Economics HEA Project

Well, it looks like the HEA project is back on. This is the one initially started by Rania. It has morphed slightly, but still focusses on the integration of the online learning environment (virtual seminars … they are no physical seminars) and a once the week lecture (2 hours, once a week).

The course redesign involves dividing the students in to a number of groups (with 16 in each group).  The lecture material is divided into three themes (over a total of 11 teaching weeks).  Each lecure will include a 20-30 minute feedback / forward slot which explicitly links the online seminars with the face to face. This will take various approaches (from staff feedback, student justifications, voting etc.,). The key is, this feedback / feed forward loop happens, students are aware this is feedback, and they gain from the process.

To make more time for the feedback slot, a number of key (threshold) concepts will be captured and made available via Panopto.

A scenario being discussed is, in the first weeks while the groups are going through a socialisation phase (online discussion board), and before they start the discussion board activities, the first theme will be covered by a quiz in Moodle, getting people to justify their answers, and feeding this into the lecture, and re-enforcing with a similar activity based on clickers.

There will be eight weeks (week 3 to 11) with set discussion board activities. These will be summarised by two people each week. Each person in the group will be expected to summarise one weeks worth of activity. To encourage participation (motivate them to take part), the coursework will be based on them drawing evidence and ideas from the weekly summaries (where they’ll not be able to answer the question for the theme they summarised), and the exam will be changed to include a Part B which will directly feed from the discussions.

One of the classroom activities might include students commenting about a question via VoiceThread ( The lecture can them sample a few (play back in the lecture) and unpack the ideas and answers.

In terms of e-learning support, I’ve mentioned this one would sit with Nitin.


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