Plagiarism and Moodle

I met up with Iain Mills to discuss plagiarism student testing. The outcomes are below, a few things to think about for the team.

Scenario 1: New applicants

When perspective students apply to the Uni they enter the new applicant database. This allocates them a username. They then have access to the new applicants area which informs them of progress, gets them to complete stuff. It is proposed, this will include a plagiarism awareness test, which students need to complete prior to completing the application process.

It sounds like they’d like – a Moodle course, based on a programme / unit code so it can be auto generated via SAMIS and students enrolled. This course will have two items; 1) an xerte style formative tutorial on plagiarism, what it is, why it matters, and how not to do it, 2) a moodle quiz on plagiarism

There will be a link from the applicants area to this course

Students will complete the quiz

A report will be auto generated each night to highlight who has completed the quiz. This fact will be uploaded to the students record in SAMIS.

Scenario 2: Existing students

get them onto the course, point at the Xerte tutorial, use adaptive release to access a different quiz.



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