making our Moodle FAQ available as an OER

We currently run two FAQ engines (both in we’ve been approached by MMU, to get a copy of our Moodle FAQs (as the FAQs are released under Creative Commons, and the FAQ engine is open source). So, we’ll zip the whole thing up and give it to them (this is simpler than trying to extract individual FAQs). They’ll attribute accordingly.

Given we’ve done this work we might as well make this available to all under a OER license in our OER Repository.

Why you ask? Well, apart from loving OER, this could develop into a scenario I’ve been muttering about for quite a while. When staff at Bath search our FAQ engine it also displays the results from other “trusted” sources, ie., MMU. This would be displayed / clustered as another group. The sharing of our FAQs will help build the communication and trust for this to happen.

This project is down to be managed by Nitin, with Alex’s help …. I think it just got a step closer 🙂

I’ll work with Vic on the metadata, and narrative. We’ll raise it at the OER copyright / IPR meeting on Thursday with Leicester.



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