Cascade Workshop – thoughts from day one

The following are some notes from day 1 of Leicester’s OER cascade workshops at Bath.

  • must get a clear definition of hours of learning = credits
  • liked the argument of using OER (publishing educational stuff openly) as a quality assurance mechanism. To expose ideas to different staff through the conversion / creation process. So great potential as a staff development mechanism assuming Departments had to release an amount of material.
  • Copyright – get the slides, the does and don’ts
  • have logs, manage risk – if we work with newly created material it should be OK for the project
  • need to develop a process for managing copyright – informed by documenting Momna’s experiences
  • all the materials are available from:
  • Vic to brief Gwen & Bernie a few weeks before each steering group
  • lots of documents to trac, look for some enhancements.
  • can enhance the process (according to Leicester) by improving quantity and quality of metadata


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