OER Repository, Bath and Derby

An outcome of the OSTRICH event was the need to provide the OER repository at the University of Bath. This will be used by Derby as an external store for their materials (as well as holding a local version, and uploading to Jorum Open).

I’ve shared an overview of our Repository … see … https://docs.google.com/drawings/edit?id=1dpTqXySi_5y4WOAWR92yH_7D3pS2ci9v9LY4KCpz0kw&hl=en

The idea for members of Derby, for this project only, is to provide them admin rights to the FAQ engine which holds the searchable metadata and the link to the resource(s). They will be expected to upload the item (metadata) to the FQA search engine, and the provide the links to where they’ve hosted the resources. Note, the OER repository is a store of metadata, it does not store the actual files, they’ll need to manage these on their local servers. They will be expected to complete the validation process and sign off all (take responsibility) before uploaded the metadata item.

When uploaded they’ll be clearer tagged as Derby (note this will be in a Bath branded system).

They will need to comply with our take down policy. The recommended process is if asked the take down will be Bath will take down, and contact Derby, they investigate and communicate with the people involved. They then inform Bath of the outcome and appropriate action is taken.

The system will use Google Analytics to track user stats – they’ll be provided a monthly report by the Bath OSTRICH manager (Vic Jenkins) on usage.

This is a devolved service, the expectation is Derby will take responsibility and ownership over their own materials, Bath will simply ensure there are no barriers to them completing this work.



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