Increasing staff capacity in podcasting at UCS – initial thoughts

The following outlines an emerging approach to enhancing staff capacity in podcasting at UCS. It has been driven by an obvious need (Emma Bond and Susan Spencer), the provision of a room by Steve and Deirdre, and the provision of technical support but the e-learning Team (Andy, Aaron and David).

The following is not the complete solution as it has not involved conversations with Audio Visual (who I’d suggest are a key player in this w.r.t long term sustainability), and the conversation is still focussed on the technical aspect of podcasting (creating, and distribution) and not the match harder aspect of staff development around effective use and design. Still a very good start 🙂


  • Pod in library with Mac – need to coordinate with Deirdre about room availability and bookings. I’d suggest in the initial period this is a bookable service (not drop in) so we can manage the flow of people

How To Guides


  • Provide a set of how to guides on creating and export an audio file (mp3) in garage band
  • Provide a set of how to guides (staff and student) on publishing the podcast via the learning objects  block, and how to access the material

Screen capture (video)

  • Podcasting using WOLSEY

Staff development

  • Online course (3 weeks): What can podcasting do for me?
  • Masterclass (1 hour session): Using audio for feedback and assessment
  • Case Study: Emma Bond (?)
  • Literature Review (item per month from e-learning team) annotated in DIIGO


  • disseminate via e-Learning Blog
  • announcement in WOLSEY
  • email PADs and Head of Schools about the service

Additional Resources

  • Microphone


I’ll evaluate the use at the end of the 2010/11 academic year. In particular,

  • has the service been used? [quantitative]
  • did participants find it useful and to what extent has it changed practice? [qualitative]
  • how might we enhance the service? [qualitative]



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