Jane Parr – MCQ for Interview candidate

Jane would like the following scenario;

each interview candidate (as part of the interview process) completes a multiple choice test. However, each question needs to include a confidence weighting. The candidate, enters the room, sits down, competes the test, and the results are accessed by the interviewers to discuss during the interview.

  • There are 25 questions
  • there will be between 20 and 30 candidates at each course interview
  • there will be 6 to 8 course interviews per year
  • these people will not have UCS accounts
  • they just need to see the test, if CAA’d then need secure browsers
  • the results will not need to be stored electronically for each person, but they should be stored so Jane can use to QU/QE the questions being asked.
  • keen to design in the most accessible / usable schemes as possible, and have this mouse driven
  • she would like to very low threshold technology 🙂
  • The reporting needs to be – as a printed document, in the format
    • Title: Printout for Literacy Test – Radiography
    • Date:
    • Candidate’s name:
    • Q1 – their choice; score; time taken
    • Overall score

Question for David and Aaron – if WOLSEY, how manage the accounts?

I’ll go through the questions … and investigate WOLSEY and OMR


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