Online submission at the institutional level …

As more and more Depts / Schools and other Teams include online submission within their action plans, it does make me think of a few questions which we’ll need to address to ensure an institutional policy for online submission is effective. These are in no particular order …

  • is there currently an appropriate policy/ code of practice for online submission, online marking and online feedback?
  • what are the percieved benefits and drivers to change from the current model to an online submission / marking and feedback model?
  • what is the vision from senior managers, heads of school, staff and students?
  • what is the current practice for online submission at UCS?
  • have we undertaken a process review of assignment submission?
  • how are other UK HEIs approaching online submission?
  • is the current WOLSEY service fit for purpose for online submission / marking and feedback?
  • have staff been adequately trained / developed for this approach?
  • is the ongoing staff development model and student induction effectively designed?
  • how has the student voice been captured and respresented within the discussion?
  • how will an online submission / marking and feedback model been monitored?
  • how will we evaluate if the approach is effective?
  • if we commite to an online submission / marking and feedback model, what is the exit strategy?

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