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Enhancing Learning Through Technology Team (ELTT Team)


“To enhance the quality of the student learning experience at UCS through the appropriate use of learning technologies in teaching and learning”

In 5 years time

The learning experience includes the effective use of technology at the heart of all programmes. This will include the seemless integration of academic controlled learning environments (physical and virtual) and the student controlled personal learning environments. The emphasis of the Team will be around enhancing teaching and learning practice with continually improving the student learning experience at the centre of the process. The focus will be on enhancement and staff development, than supporting staff and students on systems.

Broad Aims:

  • Empowering staff to more effectively integrate learning technology into their programmes
  • Developing an active practitioner community at UCS, for the purpose of sharing of innovative approaches and good practice
  • Evaluating the approaches and practices of learning enhanced through the appropriate use of technology
  • Developing and implementing learning technologies at UCS


Targets 2010/11:

Operational Plan (2010/11)

Broad Themes:

  • enhancing feedback and assessment

Areas of Focus:

Staff Development Programme

  1. Deliver an appropriate staff development programme for UCS and LNs (VLE SARE AP Ref: 5&6)
  2. Staff development evaluation – includes quantitative (numbers and courses), qualitative (6 month follow up)

Developing our practitioner community

  1. create and run an ELTT Advisory Group (VLE SARE AP Ref:1,3&5)
  2. create and run set of Learning Network Advisory Meetings (VLE SARE AP Ref:1,3&5)
  3. create and run the ELTT Practitioner Forum (2 face to face events) (VLE SARE AP Ref:5&6)

Projects and pilots

  1. ILTS Project – Exploring the use of QR Codes as a Learning Technology at UCS (VLE SARE AP Ref:8)
  2. Supporting successful ILTS projects (Team development) (VLE SARE AP Ref:5&6 )
  3. Classroom Technologies – How might we use audience response systems to enhance classroom feedback? Lessons from UCS Staff
  4. Using Audio in Teaching and Learning – Supporting staff to create and distribute audio content (VLE SARE AP Ref: 7)
  5. Exploring the application of mobile learning – QR Codes and their application in campus inductions (Marketing)  (VLE SARE AP Ref: 7 & 8)

Service Provision

  1. WOLSEY: Annual Development Plan & Evaluation (including targets in SARE)
    1. Annual Development Plan includes – Responsibilities between ITS and ELTT, Upgrade to 9.1 (summer) (VLE SARE AP Ref: 2, 4, 10, 12 & 13 )
    2. Evaluation includes – How was it for you? (Survey October 2011), Staff Case Studies (ongoing) (VLE SARE AP Ref: 9)
  2. QR Code Generation Service: Annual Development Plan & Evaluation
    1. Annual Development Plan includes – developing games engine for inductions etc.,
    2. Evaluation includes – Quantitative use, Staff Case Studies (ongoing),  (VLE SARE AP Ref: 9)


  1. Write Communication Plan 2011

Evaluation of the ELTT Team

  1. Annual SARE
  2. Write Operational Plan 2011/12

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