exploring the iPad – scenario three – presenting from my iPad

Well, I’ve had a try at presenting from my iPAD. As expected, if it’s a powerpoint style presentation (with no links) I’ve been using the Keynote app. It works well … although I’ve not explored the use of Multi-media within the presentation.

I’m echoing the comments from Neil Ringan at MMU who feedback about keynote at a recent Heads of e-Learning Forum meeting … in the sense of its difficult to get powerpoints / presentations uploaded. It’s great if you use ITunes / iDisk … otherwise very difficult. I was disappointed to see Dropbox wasn’t webDav. Otherwise my model of upload the presentation to DropBox and pull down to the iPAD would have been perfect.

An alternative idea was to use the expedition app … which will open a web browser and display its contents 🙂 This is great, I tried running a presentation from slideshare. It worked, was slow (on wi-fi), and the software kept falling over 😦

In terms of displaying the web, WOLSEY was fine … but only tried a for a few minutes.

The other problem is the lack of multi tasking on the device. It wasn’t slick shifting between a presentation in keynote and the web and back.

So early days, the proof of concept is fine, it looks like working offline via keynote is the way forward. I’m running a workshop at Bury on Thursday for the library group, I’ll use the iPad and see what happens 🙂



  1. Zak Mensah

    You can download files from dropbox to the ipad by ‘starring/making it a favourite’ them which allows you to use the files offline and may solve the problem above if I’m understanding correctly – it’s what I do

  2. Aaron

    Andy, iOS 4.2 has been released today, so you should be able to connect and download from iTunes. This gives you quick app switching (multitasking), folders, printing over wifi and many more.

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