Agreeing on a tag convention for our new community blog

We are just about to roll out our ELLT Blog … this will act as a community gateway and demonstrate the use of this technology within an authentic task.

The following outlines the category and tag convention we’ll be using;

Categories (technical)

  • Classroom Tech
  • Mobile Learning
  • How to Guides

Categories (learning and teaching)

  • Your Stories

Tags (technical – by tool, similar to staff training tracker)

Tags (learning and teaching, based on Laurillard matrix)

  • assessment and feedback (a&f)
  • productive
  • collaboration
  • collaoration
  • instructional
  • simulation

An example of use is the following how to guide (How could I set up a clicker question in my powerpoint?)

  • Categories – How to Guide, Classroom Tech
  • Tags – a&f, clickers, instructional, ukoer

Note – as this is also available as an OER resource, it will have the ukoer tag



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