Ipad – scenario 3 – presenting

Wow, a big hand to Zak 🙂 Thanks 🙂

The issue was, how do I get my presentations onto the iPad to display via keynote in the simplest way, without using iTunes, iDisk or email?

The solution, is to use Dropbox as follows.

  1. Upload your presentation (ppt) to Dropbox (which is what I do anyway)
  2. on the iPad, open the presentation and mark it as a favourite (this will download the presentation to the iPad)
  3. in the iPad Dropbox app, click on the share icon (top right), a new dialogue button opens up, with “Open in … Keynote”
  4. click on this option and Keynote fires up with the presentation 🙂




One comment

  1. Julian Prior

    Great solution Andy/Zak, thanks. It’s a shame that the iPad version of Keynote is a little hamstrung compared to its desktop sibling, especially in terms of multimedia, presenter notes etc. Hopefully a new version of iWork in the New Year might address the App’s shortcomings as a serious iPad presentation tool.

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