QR Code Generator … user testing

Some feedback on our emerging QR Code generator.

The following needs to be displayed on the page …


1. To create the QR Code

Select the type, enter the content, select the size of image, decide if you want to have the QR Code tracked then click on Generate

2. To save the image

After generating the image, right click on the image and select “save”


This only works with the URL type, and a UCS web address. Once you create the URL a unique code 5 digit code will be displayed. Not this down. To request statistics, please contact the ELTT Team.

Getting started with QR Codes in Teaching and Learning:

The following will help you get started with using QR Codes in your teaching or learning.

Ideas >>

Getting started guide >>


Points back from user testing

  1. when you type a URL in the url box, the content is also copied and displayed in the text type.
  2. graphic will need changing (once) we’ve sorted out our name.




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