OMR, FormReturn software for the high stake candidate interviews

A few notes.

Firstly it works 🙂 The process is as follows, create the question sheet, which can pull from a csv sheet for IDs, or you can create where they complete their own. Do a few things, print all the question pages out, hand out, collect in, scan using our multi purposes printers and send to yourself (as a PDF), open the file up in the software and the reports are there !!! You can then export out as you wish.

My preferred model for the exam in December is,

  • Alison and Jane complete a csv file which lists the candidates names (firstname and lastname and any unique ID they might use).
  • Jane and Louise send me the final questions – I’ll create two tests (literacy and numeracy) – These should be as word docs, and can include scoring, ie., negative marking
  • Andy will make sure the tests papers are created – for simplicity (and given low numbers) these will be pre-printed with the candidates names – I’ll test with Louise, Jane and Alison
  • Jane, Louise and Alison run and invigilate the test, then collect in the sheets, scan and send to me (after test one, I’ll shift the address to generic e-learning address)
  • Andy will process the results, create the report and upload it to a shared Google spreadsheet
  • Jane, Louise and Alison access this page for results

In the first version one of the e-learning team will attend 🙂

Lessons I’ve learnt – user tested by Aaron and David

  • make sure space on the page for candidates to write their names
  • clear instructions, they need to completely fill the bubble
  • try to get all the questions for the test onto each sheet
  • it produces lots of files, so a clear naming convention is needed,
  • save lots of questions (blocks) in segments – get the author to categories in blocks
  • the report can be exported as CSV, it will contain lots of detail, including the total score for the test (form_score), and break down by question (answer and score)
  • if a question is not completed, or completed by not read by the system then it is left blank and a score of 0 is included
  • the form password is the unique number generated on the top of each form, this is mapped to a unique ID, which in the exported spreadsheet can be linked to a name (this info is for my purposes only)

Where next?

  • questions from Louise and Jane
  • I’ll create the tests, and user test with Jane, Louise and Alison 🙂

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