OMR – FormReturn & Maths Notations

Thanks Louise … the Maths questions are in. Interestingly, they include lots of maths notation, and cover 30 odd questions (11 pages). I’d suggest we print out the questions as a question book, and the candidate would need to answer on one sheet of paper. This has a number of advantages, including significantly reducing the amount of scanning and processing which is needed. It also overcomes the problem I’m encountering which is how to get maths notation into FormReturn. The import model is based around PDF, but the maths notation is not coming across 😦

I’m not saying it can be done, its more its not obvious through the interface 🙂

The other advantage of this deployment method within this use is we can hand out all the right marksheets (they’ll have their names on them), then ask them to open the question book, as opposed to have the questions integrated within the marking sheet so some people will see it earlier than others.



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