mind mapping on the iPad – iThoughtsHD

A required scenario for me on the iPAD is the use of mindmapping. I tend to set up lots of activities in workshops, project plans etc., where the outcomes are managed by mind maps. Therefore, if I was going to use the iPAD heavily (as a laptop replacement), I’d need it to mind map. After a little research I’ve gone for the iThoughtsHD app. First impressions are it is really good … very intuitive.

I was able to easily create a new mind map, the large screen enables me to quickly enter data and see the emerging map. I was able to upload this to the e-learning team’s dropbox as a PDF.

So the scenario of capturing groups input as an activity in a workshop would be as follows; pre-event create the mindmap, run the session (capture all those lovely ideas), export to dropbox for sharing with those who attended the session.

There are a large number of export formats, including … freemind, OPML, Mindmanager, iMindmap and Mindview. So it covers lots of options for import into desktop solutions. A model of use for me, as a Mindmeister user would be as follows … export as freemind (.mm), to dropbox, and then import to Mindmeister.

The feature list also includes you being able to view previous versions of the mindmap, so you can use this to re-vert to an earlier version without have to delete vasts amounts. Is this a problem? Not for me, I’ll be generating the ideas on the iPAD, and working them up / polishing them off via Mindmiester on the desktop. Why not use the Mindmeister iPad app you ask? My answer, the forums suggest it isn’t very good at the moment.



Some of the drawbacks … it is a very simple mind mapping tool (text only) … so don’t expect lots of features, including links, images etc.,




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