iPad and images – capturing and editing images in the field

I’ve been exploring the scenario where I’d capture a number of images (still photos) on field based work, transfer these from my DSLR to my iPad for reviewing, and some basic editing (straightening, rotating and cropping), and uploading the new version to my public (images) folder on Dropbox. I’d keep the un-edited file on my camera (SD card is large enough).

The world is full on iPad photography apps to edit your photograph. Based on reviews and comments I’m using Chop Suey. The image transfer from my camera to the iPad is through the USB adapter (although you can get an iPad Camera Connection Kit if you so wished).

Must say, very pleased with the outcomes, although I’ve not closed the loop by uploading to dropbox. I’ll need to work that step out later. Also, Chop Suey doesn’t seem to work with RAW type image files.




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