three LN visits down … what messages are emerging?

The following summarise the main findings from the three learning network site visits, including Otley, Great Yarmouth and Bury

  • there is a sense of isolation with no forums to share experiences (both within cognitive groupings, and technologies) – people don’t have a sense of knowing what is going on
  • there is a sense of not being able to take ownership of their areas. This comes from both the lack of coordinated ideas within the LN, and not being clear on what they can do within WOLSEY
  • there is no coordinated staff development programme or presence of “experts” at the LNs
  • there is no sense of collaborative learning or ownership of e-learning tools
  • there are lots of frustrations around the bigger picture in terms of length of time to get staff and students on the system (post recruitment / registration), lots of discussion around how better to manage the HE experience in the FE situation, ie., needing more scaleable solutions than campus connect, perhaps re-visit JANET filters by profile or IP address

So, what might we do, and when?

There are a number of easy wins to facilitate the development of a community of practice within the UCS w.r.t the enhancing through learning agenda … this includes;

  • encourage local vision / strategy of how they want WOLSEY to work within their community tabs, and their learning spaces. This should include a few objectives which highlight any need for ELTT Team resource
  • devolution of certain tasks to named individuals for managing WOSLEY in LNs – include creating no-SITS course, enrolling staff / students
  • creation of a LN WOLSEY Admin Group – meets once a term (Feb, June, Sept) to help disseminate changes on WOLSEY and emerging uses with e-learning Tools
  • organise (led by indivdiual LN), a 1-2-1 drop in surgery (2 hours), with a masterclass session (45 mins) * 2 on choosen themes, and meeting of key stakeholders – one day a month at each LN
  • devolve out (encourage) LNs writing their “own stories” and “how to guides” to be published through the ELTT Blog – this would be 1 story and 1 how to guide a semester – topics to be agreed, and will incvolve providing template and write access to the ELTT Blog
  • if we get the software … run a number of e-seminars on various times and topics across the LN’s – these will be 10 minute / 10 slide sessions around sharing practice
  • focus on working up project and pilot ideas across the network, where the LNs will become test beds for innovations in teaching and learning practice

Likely commitment?

  • ELTT – 1 day a month at each site, 1 day a month arranging and delivering the e-seminar series, 2 days a year on LN WOLSEY Admin Group, a few days to get things up and running

The bigger picture is the need to more coordination between the ITS Infrastructure Teams, local IT teams, other teams. ELTT Team will be happy to get involved, but the bigger picture is not in our control. Seems lots of cultural / communication issues in individual LNs, and teams in UCS Ipswich.


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