re-discovering Skype … its moved on, so do we need large scale conference systems?

I’ll have to admit, I’ve not looked at skype for a long time … but the following scenario is being requested from our learning development team, and I’m wondering … skype might be perfect.

The scenario is, student book an online support slot with the learning development team for a session on around maths. The student will be based in one of the Learning Networks, or at home. They need to be able to talk and share a collaborative space to write stuff on (pen input for maths notation). It would be really nice to record the screen (solution) so it can be added to the collection of videos.

Skype (which now has up to 9 poeple/sites on a video chat) could be used to connect and manage the discussion. The annotation might be through any application they can share and both annotate. You simply share the desktop.

  • From a user perspective, there is a slight delay as you need to ensure you have a skype user account.
  • From the institutional perspective there are issues about rolling out / installing the software.

I’ll admit I’d like to use Google Talk / Docs to manage the process as you don’t need to stress about the software, and you can share without the issue of accounts (simply send them the url) But doesn’t seem there at the moment 😦


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