OMR FormReturn – Session 1 – observations

Well, we used the FormReturn OMR system in anger with two candidate interview tests (numeracy / literacy – MCQs)

It all went very well from a technical perspective,

  • The forms scanned and emailed to me as a PDF (24 submissions in one PDF file)
  • uploaded to FormReturn, which created the results.
  • Only one answersheet which did not scan / decode
  • I exported to csv, and open in excel to undertake an data manipulation
  • I flicked through the answer sheets to see if they’ve changed an answer – and check these / re-score in excel
  • In this version I got the student to write their name on the answer sheet – so I also needed to assign the person to the answer sheet in the excel sheet – cut and paste job
  • then saved the results and emailed to staff coordinator
  • the scanned pdfs / and csv answer sheets are stored in the myd dropbox area

The next iteration will include:

  • the user adding their unique ID, so saving me the cut and paste job
  • ensuring the alignment is better on the answer sheets (improved in latest version)
  • devolving the writing / printing of the question book to the discipline team … who will need to provide it to me by a set date
  • rolling this out to other members of the team
  • testing how long it takes to process the results … I’d imagine if installed on a laptop, which is taken to the room, we can have this sorted within minutes 🙂
  • improve the reporting and analysis … discipline team lead on this
  • upload to Google Docs (spreadsheet) for online version … so not sending attached docs around the group

So overall … this is great, it works … it is simple 🙂

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