Staff Straw Poll: User requirements for event broadcast and recording

As part of an ongoing discussion around the user requirements for lecture / event broadcast and recording I released a google dos / form survey.

The survey was promoted through an announcement in the staff area of the VLE, and encouraging Heads of School to email their staff. The survey was only open for a few days. It can be assumed this is highly baised as a self selecting sample, so we need to take things with a pinch of salt. However, some messages did appear from this group which we should take into consideration as they are transferable to the wider UCS audience.

Firstly, when asked to what extent they agree the scenarios provided meet their needs (one scenario around life lecture broadcasting, the other scenario focused on lecture capture). The responses indicated a need for this type of service;

strongly agree 5 31%
agree 4 25%
not sure 5 31%
disagree 1 6%
strongly disagree 0 0%

The informative data came when asked to explain their answer. These messages include;

  • staff be unaware of the benefits of this type of activity, and a wish by staff to know more
  • a strong perception of a skill shortage and the requirement for staff development
  • time pressures resulting in the need for low threshold technologies, and very usable systems

So, we’ll need to work up an idea of how staff might use the technology in their teaching, with supporting case studies from across UK HEIs. In particular, work around;

  • inviting external “experts” to present during their lectures
  • the use of the technology to create presentations for students to watch to enable a more interactive teaching session, ie, record the didactic stuff (knowledge transfer), so the classroom teaching can be more clicker driven

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