QR Code Pilot for Tim G

The following is post a conversation with Tim over coffee around supporting his ILTS around QR Codes Project.

He’d like to offer easy access to learning materials via mobile technologies. The learning materials will focus on audio summaries, PDFs lecture material, link bins etc., The expected model is to have these available via a short url and QR Code presented at the end of the lecture. These materials would also be available via the VLE. We’ll offer tracking for the QR Code links.

What are the expected outcomes? I think the key question is using this as a means of raising the profile of accessing material on a mobile device, and looking at the authoring and usability aspects.

I’ve agreed (sorry team … don’t let me go for coffee with people !!) – we’ll support this using our QR Code Generator, and the provision of a space outside WOLSEY (internal or externally hosted) to store the content. So not having the issue of needing to authenticate for the content.

The audience could be further divided by offering the Blackboard App for iPhone/Andriod. This might change some of the expected user scenarios.








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