Managing staff (enrollements) on VLE courses

Nothing controversial about this, so out into the cloud …


How do people get access as an instructor on WOLSEY courses? Are these the right people? How is the process managed?

Note – this is the same for the community spaces

Current situation

There are a number of routes for a person to get onto a course as an instructor

Direct Request

  • Request to e-learning Team – via email, pop up etc., these are currently added with little (if any checking) – if emailed we’ll have a copy of the email, if via phoe then no audit trail
  • LN related courses (Bury, Lowestoft, Yarmouth … will be Otley and New College) – have named people as User Admin and Module Admin, so can enroll people as instructors within their domain areas – ie., only on unit codes associated with those locations

Automated Approach

  • Start of academic year (Sept 2010) – as part of the roll over, all new units will have the existing people (instructors) enrolled based on previous year


  • QA Manager and Library (3 people) have a system role which would allow them to add themselves to a course (would be listed on course) – this role will allow them to enrol people on the course once they have enrolled themselves
  • e-learning Team (3 people)

Removing Instructor Role from a course

  • Can request it themselves, and will be removed … we do not store the requests, so no audit trail. If remove, this will actually remove them from the course (as opposed to them leaving UCS, where the system will disable the account)
  • If requested by someone else … we try to get conformation from the PAD, lead lecturer, the actual person, minutes etc. before removing them … however, this policy is not rigidly stuck to, some room for error.

The Future (vision)

  • develop a number of authentic user cases where staff would need access as instructors to courses. Develop transparent processes for these requests to be made and handled
  • devolve ownership and responsibility to Schools. Based on the success of the pilots in the LN. So, each School would be a domain, and there would be domain administrators to implement enrollment / access policy
  • help work up a enrollment policy (informed by user needs / requirements) – which domain administrators can follow
  • support this emerging user group via training, consultation and advise to ensure it stays fit for purpose
  • work with SITS team to identify where possible the automation of people as lecturers (instructor role) is driven through WOLSEY – SITS integration
  • work with key groups (academic services) for key tasks (management of online submissions) which might be across Schools

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