UCS FAQ Engine Pilot – Some notes

meet up with Karl and John – the following are a few notes (in no order)

  • Laura – infozone will manage the project
  • run a 12 month pilot service on a VM box
  • will pilot with a few Helpdesk teams, say elearning (ELEVATE), ITSHelpdesk, and a few others
  • responsibilities – ITS (OS / VM – Karl, DBA – Will, backup), ELEVATE (Application, style / branding – input from Ben, staff (author) training)
  • have a dev and live set up >>> url? http://www.ucs/infozoneonline
  • need a plan with a set of clear questions  targets (see below)
  • expectation management >>> this is a pilot, some potential issues of scaleability – open to the web, not to search engines
  • will look at LDAP hook up to see what offers, especially around user generated content
  • develop a window of opportunity for enhancements (sprint type approaches)
  • write a service catalogue

Needs (technical side … between ITS and ELEVATE) before pilot starts

  • SLA
  • change control process procedure (based on word template)


  • set up a central space for the hosting of FAQs by teams
  • enhance the user experience at discovering answers (online, just in time) – evaluated via logs, user survey
  • develop a community of practice across the helpdesk teams w.r.t standardising practice, use within face to face help desk – evaluated via putting in place guidance on writing FAQs, Tag Conventions, Category Names, also, focus group
  • Profiling and inclusion of FAQs within other systems, the UCS Web, VLE, Team Blogs

Phase 1: Jan

  • work up project management team
  • write the project plan
  • review of available functionality and how FAQ engines are being used at other institutions
  • help desk teams mock up suggests layout (categories and sub categories)

Phase 2: Feb

  • sign off look and feel
  • staff training
  • write lots of FAQs

Phase 3: Mar

  • roll out to users

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