e-stream … post meeting notes

Great chat today about the e-stream pilot project we (the elevate team) are taking over.

Phase 1 – support three key user scenarios (Library for off air recordings, Elevate Team for video case studies, and Marketing (?) – Jan to July

Sounds like Sarah is happy with the functionality, she agrees it will need some local branding, appropriate policies are written and has things ready to go from her perspective. It sounds like this will be passed across to the resources team.

An important consideration for her is the poor / unreliable performance. Talking to Karl, he’d suggest further discussions with Planet e-stream. There might be some concerns around the hardware spec, it might need improving if we are to get a large number of concurrent users

All agreed to work with a model which would give us the lowest user management requirements. So make all freely accessible, use AD to manage schemas (user access) for those wishing to access course only material, and individual item for management other materials. It sounds like library would like to offer the use of staff arranging / booking the off air recording service.

Part of the project aims would be to explore the most effective and effecient way of managing video assets and access rights. An other aim would be to look at the way we integrate e-stream with other e-learning tools, and marketing tools.

Agreed Sarah would complete some final testing, using a test AD Student Account (we’ll provide), staff in participating libraries / colleges. Once David is back (he’ll be the operational manager for the e-stream pilot), he’ll connect with Wendy & John at Planet e-stream, to start conversations about the application, getting them in for a visit, talk through the software, best way to support it, work up the questions we need to answer and work out how to evaluate the pilot. We also need to re-visit the costs for the module to allow us to upload content without the encoder.

We’ll work up on the look and feel (stylesheet), and start to work up some supporting materials. The show stopper is performance, if we (with ITS  – Karl) can’t get this sorted, we aren’t going anywhere 😦 If OK, we’ll set aside a week sprint to sort out the branding. Karl will ensure we have appropriate access rights.

I’ll discuss e-stream at my meeting with Marketing, and also ask a question around hardware with ITS






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